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How to Make Your Home Pay You £7,500 Tax-Free






Rent a Room Scheme: Your Guide to Tax-Free Income from Your Home


Ever considered earning extra income from your home? The Rent a Room Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to do just that, earning up to £7,500 per year tax-free by letting out a room to a lodger. But navigating the world of residential lettings can be complex. This guide will answer your questions and showcase how ETB London can help you maximise your rental income with ease.

Q: What is the Rent a Room Scheme?

This scheme allows you to earn tax-free income on room rentals within your own home. The limit is a generous £7,500 per year (or £3,750 each if letting jointly), making it a great way to boost your finances without the burden of tax.

Q: How does residential letting tax work?

Typically, residential lettings are treated as businesses, with income taxed as “net profit.” This involves subtracting allowable expenses from your rental income. However, the Rent a Room Scheme simplifies things, offering tax-free income up to the threshold.

Q: Can I charge for additional services?

Absolutely! You can charge for meals, laundry, or other amenities. But remember to include these extra amounts in your total income for tax purposes if your earnings exceed the £7,500 limit.

Q: What expenses can I claim under the scheme?

Unfortunately, the Rent a Room Scheme doesn’t allow expense claims. However, if you opt out of the scheme and switch to traditional tax reporting, you can claim various expenses like repairs, agent fees, and legal costs.

Q: How do I declare my rental income?

Keep good records for at least six years. If your total income (including rent and services) exceeds £10,000, use a Self Assessment tax return. For lower amounts, simpler options like the four-page return or PAYE may apply.

Q: Why choose ETB London as your partner?

ETB London is your one-stop shop for seamless and successful lettings. We help you find reliable tenants, manage your property, and maximise your rental income.

Q: What are the benefits of taking in a lodger?

Beyond the financial gain, resident landlords often cite increased safety, companionship, and assistance with tasks. Additionally, the growing Mon-Fri demand allows flexible options like renting to professionals who only need a place during the week.

Q: What are my rights and responsibilities as a resident landlord?

Your primary responsibility is to maintain the property in good repair and ensure safety. You have the right to set rent and choose your tenant. And, of course, you enjoy the tax advantages of the Rent a Room Scheme.

Q: Can ETB London help me find the perfect tenant?

Absolutely! We excel at matching landlords with ideal tenants. From property management to tenant screening, we take care of everything, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your extra income.

Q: What about the rights of my lodger?

Lodgers can fall into two categories: excluded occupiers or occupiers with basic protection. This determines their rights and how you can end the tenancy. ETB London can guide you through these nuances.

Q: How do rent, bills, and taxes work for resident landlords?

You can set the rent and charge for bills as agreed upon. However, you’re responsible for Council Tax and most utilities. Income Tax applies to rental income, but the Rent a Room Scheme offers tax-free benefits. Remember, capital gains tax may apply if you sell your home after letting it out.

Q: How can I end a tenancy?

The process depends on your lodger’s category. Excluded occupiers require “reasonable notice,” typically the length of the rental period. Occupiers with basic protection may need a written notice to quit. ETB London can provide expert guidance.

Q: Can my lodger end the tenancy?

Yes, your lodger can end the tenancy with notice, depending on your agreement or, if none, typically 4 weeks (weekly payments) or 1 month (monthly). Remember, both parties can agree to end the tenancy at any time.

Don’t let the complexities of residential lettings hold you back! ETB London is here to help you navigate the Rent a Room Scheme and unlock the potential of your home. Contact us today to learn more and experience the joy of effortless, profitable lettings.

Together, let’s turn your spare space into a source of consistent, tax-free income.

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