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Guaranteed Rent

Lettings as it should be

When we become your tenant, you place your property in experienced hands and enjoy the freedom of a hassle free regular guaranteed monthly income. With any high street agent by the time you’ve paid their commissions and fees, jumped through all the hoops to select the right tenant, ticked the compliance checklist, you’re knac…exhausted.

With us it’s simple and transparent – once we are your tenant, none of that is your problem anymore, but ours. We won’t charge you any fees or hidden charges. And we manage and pay for most maintenance*.


Our teams are friendly, approachable, confident, highly motivated and dedicated to making sure you are getting the very best service

They will arrange a suitable time and date to speak to you about what we do and how we do it. We can either Zoom it online or visit you (keeping a safe distance of course). You will have the chance to ask any questions you may have, we come really prepared with all the information you will require.


Once you have decided you want to give this a go, we’ll pop round your home to get an idea of your expectations, any works that may be required and other criteria we need to access before making a decision.


Next’s the exciting part – We’ll send you a proposal with a rental valuation of your home and how much we will pay you as a guaranteed monthly rent. We will also detail what maintenance and checks we will manage and pay for. Our heads of terms are clear and transparent, and the process is really straight forward.


Once we have both agreed on terms, we will send you our long-term tenancy contract and we become your tenant. Viola! It’s that simple. Finding suitable tenants, making sure your home is looked after with regular checks, dealing with any licencing and compliance issues, all of that, is now our problem. All you need to do is relax and enjoy a guaranteed monthly income with no void periods. We will of course send you regular updates with pictures, so you are kept informed.